Privacy Policy

Toridoll Japan Corporation (hereafter as 'this Company') recognizes the great importance of private information protection and observes laws and regulations related to the protection of private information. We respect the privacy of customers who access this website and have devised the policies given below with careful attention given to protect any private information we obtain. These policies are respected by all executive officers and staff members of this Company, with efforts given to ongoing improvement.

  1. In case private information is to be obtained from customers, this Company will notify the individuals in question of the purpose for the collection and use of information and obtain their permission beforehand. In addition, the private information to be used will only be used within the limit of use as agreed and will not be used for any other purpose.
  2. When using collected private information, this Company will clarify the purpose of use and notify the purpose to the owner of the information. In regard to the acquired private information, adequate prevention of illegal access, lost, damage, change, or leak will be taken through reasonable, technical measures.
  3. Unless stipulated by law, this Company will never provide private customer information to a third party without the prior consent from the customer(s) in question.
  4. In the case where this Company consigns the handling of acquired private information to a third party, the private information will be restricted to the required purpose. Parties consigned to handle such information will also be asked to adequately handle the information.
  5. Should customers request to confirm or alter their private information, this Company will adequately respond to their requests.