As part of the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct, at the TORIDOLL Group we have drawn up a number of “Pledges to related parties.” For the TORIDOLL Group to continue its growth, we believe it is vital we communicate with various stakeholders, understand what their expectations are, and accurately reflect these expectations in our business activities.

Dialogue with Shareholders

At the TORIDOLL Group, in order to elicit the understanding and trust of our shareholders and investors, we undertake to communicate and publicize information in an appropriate manner. This includes holding general shareholders meeting, IR meetings, and financial results briefings, and issuing shareholder reports and other communications. We desire our shareholders and investors to assess and provide support for the corporate value of the TORIDOLL Group, and to this end we work hard to ensure that the results of feedback and dialogue with them are reflected in our management.
In fiscal year 2019, we held our annual general shareholders meeting and also held a financial results briefing for institutional investors.

IR Materials


Engaging with Our Business Partners

The TORIDOLL Group’s business is sustained by a large number of business partners, including the producers of our ingredients, and logistics companies. For this reason, we place great importance on our communications with them.
Once every year, Our President and CEO and other executives engage with our business partners.

Supply Chain Management “Holding Social Gatherings for Our Business Partners”

Dialogue with Our Employees

TORIDOLL Holdings holds labor-management councils every month with the labor union that represents our employees. In addition, once a year we hold a meeting at which the labor union collates and reports employee feedback to our executives, and makes proposals.
In fiscal year 2019, the labor union presented employee feedback on a range of topics, including increasing pay during the New Year holidays, establishing systems to help employees combine work with childcare and nursing care, and reforming work styles for regular employees. These topics were discussed by the union and our executives.

Industry-Academia Collaborations

Nurturing Food Business Leaders

In October 2018, the TORIDOLL Group held a business course on the subject of “restaurant management in the food industry” at the Cambodian-Japan Cooperation Center(CJCC), which forms part of Cambodia’s Royal University of Phnom Penh. We intend to continue nurturing human resources across the world who will sustain the food industry, such as students who dream of owning their own restaurants in the future.

Video Nurturing Food Business Leaders(Japanese only)


Collaborating with Komazawa University: “providing societal value to junior high school and high school students”

In February 2020, together with students of Komazawa University’s Nakamura seminars, TORIDOLL Holdings held a contest based on the theme of providing societal value to junior high school and high school students.
Sixteen students were divided into four groups and proposed businesses from the perspective of “TORIDOLL Group’s unique CSV (Creating Shared Value) activities” on the following themes: eating insects, supporting people with disabilities, food waste, and food education.
President and CEO Awata and other executive directors assessed the proposals according to four criteria—planning skills (originality); profitability (branding); feasibility; and presentation skills—and selected the winning group based on the overall strength of their proposal.
We will verify the feasibility of the winning group’s project—both in terms of budget and schedule—and we intend to execute the project if possible.


Promoting Internships for High School Students

Since 2018, the TORIDOLL Group has been accepting high school students as interns in nine prefectures: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Shizuoka, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hyogo.
The internship program enables students to gain hands-on experience of welcoming and serving customers in our restaurants, and also provides classroom lectures for learning about our Mission, hygiene management, and how to serve and think about our customers.
As of September 30, 2019, 130 students from 36 high schools have participated in the internship program.


In-House Dissemination Initiatives

Disseminating Information Among New Recruits

At the TORIDOLL Group, we distribute a Code of Conduct book to all new recruits that includes the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct. The TORIDOLL Code of Conduct centers on our pledges to our stakeholders, and describes crucial behavioral policies to employees who work at our Group.