At TORIDOLL Group, we believe that creating an environment in which our employees can grow, experience self-realization, and can work with great motivation, is vital to supporting the growth of the Group.
For this reason, we advocate fair and consistent assessments and wages, provide wide-ranging benefits, and seek to create environments in which our employees can work with vigour and peace of mind.

Work Style Reforms

As part of our work style reformation, in September 2019 TORIDOLL Group consolidated our headquarters functions at Shibuya Solasta, an office building located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. This has enabled us to further strengthen our ability to support the Group’s restaurants, a key role of the headquarters.
At the same time, we have taken this consolidation as an opportunity to strengthen measures to promote new work styles, to stimulate employee emotions, and to advance the creation of environments that encourage communication.

Key Initiatives for Work Style Reforms

New offices that utilize Activity-Based Working (ABW)

ABW is a work style that makes use of mobile tools such as laptop computers and empowers employees to choose for themselves when and where they can complete their tasks with the greatest efficiency.
Going forward, TORIDOLL Group intends to embrace new approaches such as ABW and create office environments that are comfortable and conducive for employees to work in, with the aim of increasing their motivation and supporting their growth.


31cafe—an employee canteen that stimulates employee emotions every day

31cafe, our employee canteen located within our headquarters on the 20th floor of Shibuya Solasta, is designed to embody what makes the TORIDOLL Group unique—it is inspired by our corporate philosophy, and seeks to maximize our strengths as a global restaurant group.
In January 2021, the canteen was renovated based on the concept of "highly complete and competitive products" that can attract employees without losing out to convenience stores and surrounding restaurants, and "providing new knowledge and hints for improving business conditions through products" that will foster the skills of employees as people working in the food service industry. The canteen is now open for business, serving food while ensuring that products are individually packaged and that employees are able to eat in a safe space as a measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
We are also operating Super Charge, which offers fresh and reasonably priced juice, and Yum!Yam!, a baked sweet potato specialty store that creates products using sweet potatoes with imperfections. Based on the concept of "cloud kitchen brand sharing", these services provide employees with products outside of their lunch hour, allowing them to enjoy a refreshing break.


Measures to encourage employees to take paid leave

Employees working at our restaurants are occupied with various tasks on a daily basis and, depending on the shift patterns of employees and Partner Staff, it can be difficult for restaurant managers to take paid leave. To address this issue, the TORIDOLL Group has introduced a system for systematically granting annual paid leave, and promotes the use of leave by confirming employees' preferences twice a year.

Work-Life Balance

Seeking to create an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind, TORIDOLL Group offers a variety of employee benefits for different life stages, including systems that help employees balance work with caring for their children and other family members.

TORIDOLL Group’s parental leave system is available to employees who have children under two years old; parents of children under 10 years old can also use reduced working hours for childcare and choose not to do overtime. Some of our group companies have introduced a flextime system and recommend flexible working styles.
We have also established systems for “Child Nursing Leave” which can be taken for half a day at a time, and “Nursing Leave” for employees with family members who require nursing care.
Going forward, we intend to expand the systems that encourage positive work-life balance, and establish working environments in which our employees can work with peace of mind, vigour, and experience self-realization.

Use of maternity leave and childcare leave systems

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
No. of employees who took maternity leave 8 17 9 12
No. of employees who took childcare leave - 21 7 16
Proportion of eligible women who took leave 8/100% 17/100% 6/100% 12/100%
Proportion of eligible men who took leave - 4/11.1% 1/2% 4/-
Percentage of childcare leave takers who returned to work (%) 87.5 - 100.0 100.0
  • * For regular employees of the four main companies in the TORIDOLL Group (TORIDOLL Holdings, MARUGAME SEIMEN, TORIDOLL Japan, and Niku no Yamaki Corporation)

Key welfare benefits

Benefit Overview
Maternity leave 6 weeks (or 14 weeks in the case of multiple pregnancy) before and 8 weeks after giving birth
Childcare leave Can be taken until the child’s first birthday (can be extended until the child reaches 2 years old)
Reduced working hours for childcare Can be taken until the child’s 10th birthday
Zero overtime for childcare If requested by the employee, no overtime will be assigned until the child’s 10th birthday
Nursing leave Can be taken by employees with family members who require nursing care: 5 days leave per year if 1 person requires care; 10 days leave per year if 2 or more people require care
Mental health support EAP External Consultation Service (Mind and Body Hotline), a Mind and Body Consultation Desk and occupational health psychiatrist
Refreshment leave 1 day of extraordinary leave for the purposes of refreshing mind and body can be taken every 6 months
Volunteer leave Special leave provided to help contribute to society through service activities
Systematic grant system for paid leave A system for systematically granting annual paid leave, giving 7 consecutive holidays (4 days of which are paid holidays) twice a year (April-September, October-March)

Human Resource Requirements and Personnel Assessment Systems

In 2019, TORIDOLL Group established an index to encourage the personal development and growth of each employee named “TORIDOLL-er’s Value”, and we have been using this index for personnel assessments and recruitment.
More specifically, we use Toridoll-er’s Value to define detailed “role requirements” for each job position and rank, and to create detailed career sheets for each of our employees. By doing so, we hope to establish consistency between the growth vision of the Group and the career vision of individual employees.
The progress of these career sheets is checked at one-to-one meetings that take place between employees and their superiors every two weeks. Superiors find out what employees are seeking to achieve, and provide feedback on what they must do to succeed. In order to ensure that superiors offer appropriate communication and feedback, we provide those in managerial positions with personnel assessment training.
By aligning the career visions of individual employees with the role requirements and values of TORIDOLL Group, we seek to create an environment that provides even greater job satisfaction.

In-House Recruitment Systems

In order to encourage a culture of taking on new challenges and to improve employee motivation, TORIDOLL Holdings operates an in-house recruitment system that offers job-transfer opportunities to employees. By evaluating the aptitude of individual employees and providing them with desirable career moves, the system helps them achieve self-realization. The in-house recruitment system is operated by the Human Resources Department and is available to all employees within the Group; 17 employees made use of the system in FY2020.

Length-of-Service Awards

At TORIDOLL Group, we present length-of-service awards to employees and Partner Staff members who have continued to work at the Group for more than 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, and 30 years.
Every year, we hold an award ceremony as an expression of gratitude for their service. In FY2020, 428 employees (65 regular employees and 363 partner staff) were eligible for the reward. Regrettably, we were unable to hold a ceremony due to the impact of COVID-19. Nonetheless, the eligible employees were presented with incentive payments based on years of service, certificates of appreciation as well as commemorative gifts.


Dialogue with Labor Unions

The TORIDOLL Group’s labor union was formed in May 2004 and is a member of UA ZENSEN. Almost all regular and Partner Staff are members of the union. Once a month, the union meets with the President and CEO, executive directors, directors, and human resources officers to carry out negotiations.

Our consolidated subsidiaries have labor unions, with the following companies: TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, MARUGAME SEIMEN Inc., TORIDOLL Japan Corporation, YAMAKI, TORIDOLL D&I and ZUND CORPORATION.

We currently have good labor-management relations, so there are no issues to publicize at present.

Labor union membership ratios

As of November 31, 2021
Membership ratio of regular employees (%) 80.7
Membership ratio of temporary employees (%) 96.4