At the TORIDOLL Group, we aim to provide our customers with safe and secure products. However, as a member of the food industry with an extensive supply chain, we also consider local economies and the sustainability of natural resources, and seek to coexist and achieve coprosperity with food producers and other business partners.
In addition, in the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct, which prescribes behavioral policies for all TORIDOLL employees, we pledge to deal with our business partners in a fair and transparent manner.

Procurement policy

The TORIDOLL Group’s procurement policy

The TORIDOLL Group deals in food, which is a blessing of nature. In order to fulfill our corporate mission of ”Finding New Value. Simply For Your Pleasure,” we consider the economic, social, and environmental impact of our procurement activities based on the policies outlined below.

  1. We will prioritize the safety of our products for our customers, and provide quality assurance that leads to greater peace of mind.
  2. We will comply with the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in, show respect for their norms, and reject all associations with illegal dealings, human rights violations, and unfair labor practices.
  3. We will endeavor to use resources in a sustainable manner, to help mitigate climate change, and to contribute to the creation of a recycling society.
  4. We will work hard both to improve and to communicate information regarding the traceability of our ingredients.
  5. We will identify the impact our procurement activities have on the environment and on the regions in which we operate, and ensure we are in constant communication with our workplaces so that we can coexist and achieve co-prosperity with our producers and other business partners.

Procurement of Ingredients Based on Trust

At the TORIDOLL Group, our basic policy for the procurement of ingredients is a two-stage process: first, we prioritize communications and establish relationships of mutual trust with local producers, farming cooperatives, and logistics companies; only then do we enter into dealings with them.
For example, instead of insisting on contract-based fixed supplies, we procure only those ingredients that are in season as a means of reducing burdens on our producers. On the other hand, for ingredients which are in season for only a short period and whose prices are liable to fluctuate, we promise to purchase them at a fixed price, and in this way ensure stable supplies.
The use of such measures benefits the TORIDOLL Group since it guarantees supply of ingredients that are in season; it also benefits our producers and other business partners since they can supply ingredients to us with peace of mind.

Using Domestically Produced Ingredients

All MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants in Japan make their udon from flour produced in Hokkaido. This has the merit of enabling us to provide safe products, and to contribute both to the economy of Hokkaido and to the Japanese agricultural industry as a whole.
In recognition of the use of Hokkaido flour in making Udon, MARUGAME SEIMEN was granted the award of excellence in the product category of the Food Action Nippon Awards 2014, an award program hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan to increase the consumption of domestically produced agricultural, forestry, and fisheries products.
Our use of domestically produced flour also contributes to reductions in CO2 emissions generated by transportation.
By choosing to use other domestically produced ingredients in addition to flour, we will continue to help increase consumption of domestically produced agricultural, forestry, and fisheries products, and to contribute to the growth of regional economies.

Reducing CO2 Emissions Volumes

Engaging with Our Business Partners

At the TORIDOLL Group, our President&CEO and other executives engage with our Japanese business partners. These engagements are important opportunities to exchange information: the President explains our future policies and strategies to our partners, and elicits their nderstanding and support for our future business developments.

Different Meetings for Different Issues

At the TORIDOLL Group, we hold workshop-style meetings with our business partners to discuss and exchange information on specific topics. For example, once a month we hold meetings with our logistics management companies, or invite our vegetable vendor partners to information exchange meetings. This detailed exchange of information not only helps us establish relationships of trust, but also strengthens cooperation with regard to product supply.