TORIDOLL Group has thus far expanded its business by developing new lines of business, entering overseas markets, and actively pursuing merger and acquisitions (M&As). However, business expansion also entails increasing points of contact with local communities and extending influence over them—as such, there is higher demands and expectations from our stakeholders.
In order to meet these expectations, we contribute and give back to local communities by proactively helping them to resolve any issues they may face.

Results of Social Contribution Activities (FY2020)

Expenditure on social contribution activities (Yen) 25,595,875
No. of Marugame Udon Classes 53
 No. of incidences of support for medical staff 34
 No. of initiatives for Children’s Cafeterias 7
 No. of incidences of support for the Shikoku Island League Plus 5
 No. of incidences of other support 7

Contributions via Our Core Business

Food Education Provided through Hands-on Udon-Making Workshop

Marugame Udon Workshop is an activity that aims to give children the experience of making noodles. It also serves as an opportunity to instill important learnings and values in them, such as the preciousness of food, gratitude to their parents, not to mention the pleasure of cooking and eating food.
Aside from Japan, we also conduct these udon workshops in Cambodia and China with a good turnout. Since the launch of the workshop in FY2012, a total of 40,508 children have experienced making their own noodles through this program as of March 2020.
At the moment, we are not organizing the Marugoto Marugame hands-on class due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we will continue our efforts to provide new food education activities, such as by holding online udon classes.

Online Udon Class


Initiatives for Children's Cafeterias

TORIDOLL Group actively supports children’s cafeterias. In Shinagawa-ku, where our Tokyo Headquarters was located until August 2019, we participated in the Shinagawa Children’s Canteen Network. Since FY2018, we have also been involved in the operation of the Shinagawa Children’s Canteen Network Forum.
In FY2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult to operate the children's cafeteria, we provided support by arranging a food truck and material assistance for the food pantries.

Shinagawa Children’s Canteen Network Forum

Material assistance to the food pantries



MARUGAME SEIMEN started operating a food truck in 2019. The food truck is equipped with a noodle cutting machine and boiler, making it identical to a mobile store. We can now offer “fresh udon” anywhere in Japan, bringing to reality the brand concept of “The delicious taste of freshly prepared food”.
As of July 2021, we have provided a total of 9,040 meals on 53 occasions, including support for medical personnel and children's cafeteria operators, as well as special nursing homes, schools, and municipalities, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Building a School with Kama-age Udon

We donated a portion of profits (approximately ¥13 million) from the udon we sold at MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants in Japan to help build an elementary school in Myanmar.
While the school was being constructed, our employees volunteered to visit the site and help with the construction. They also interacted with local children who are going to attend the elementary school when it is completed.
Since then, our employees have continued to interact with the children, holding drawing classes and playing sports together.


Regional Revitalization Initiatives

Support for Reconstruction of Marugame Castle’s Stone Walls

Takaya Awata, who has been our President & CEO since 2011, is currently culture and tourism ambassador for Marugame City. Marugame Castle, which is a symbol of the city, was badly damaged in the July 2018 Western Japan Heavy Rain. In order to support its reconstruction, TORIDOLL Group placed donation boxes in 540 MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants in Japan (from April 2019 to July 2020), and held charity events such as udon noodle classes, raising a total of 2,233,801 yen for Marugame City.

Presentation of donations for the reconstruction of the stone walls of Marugame Castle(231KB)


Support for Sports

Support for the Shikoku Island League Plus

In FY2019, TORIDOLL formed a partnership with the Shikoku Island League Plus (Shikoku IL), an independent professional baseball league in Shikoku. Shikoku IL seeks to promote the revitalization of local communities in Shikoku, and TORIDOLL Group intends to help Shikoku IL further enhance its activities.
With the goal of providing opportunities for high school children to pursue their dreams, we are planning to co-host the TORIDOLL Holdings & Shikoku IL High School Student Tryouts this year. Seven of the successful tryout participants will be provided with financial support as TORIDOLL Sponsored Players.
On top of that, we established the TORIDOLL Newcomer Award for new players in April 2021. In September 2021, we held the TORIDOLL Cup Championship, an annual tournament to determine the overall season champion.
With the goal of “making Shikoku an island that overflows with dreams and happiness”, we will actively engage in social contribution activities with Shikoku IL.

High School Student Tryouts(609KB)

TORIDOLL Sponsored Players(653KB)

TORIDOLL Newcomer Award(140KB)

Kitchen car support(441KB)