At the TORIDOLL Group, we believe that empowering our employees to work with peace of mind and with high levels of motivation will contribute to the growth of the Group. For this reason, ensuring the safety and health of our employees is one of our priorities.
We established our basic policy on safety and health in March 2017, and we are continually carrying out activities to prevent occupational accidents. These include improving uniforms, work shoes, and kitchen equipment, posting hazard maps in each of our restaurants, and training restaurant employees in the prevention of dangerous work.

Safety and Health Policy

We believe that ensuring the safety of our employees is essential for achieving our mission: ”Finding New Value. Simply For Your Pleasure.” To this end, we formulated our basic policy on safety and health as outlined below, and the management and employees are together endeavoring to prevent occupational accidents.

Basic Policy on Safety and Health
  1. The Safety and Health Committee will lead the promotion of safety and health activities across all Group companies
  2. Based on communications between labor and management, the committee will provide lectures on rational measures in response to actual workplace conditions
  3. We will provide comprehensive and necessary education and training to all employees to ensure safety and health
  4. We will invest the required management resources for the execution of the above measures, and continue to implement effective improvements

Systems to Promote Safety and Health

At the TORIDOLL Group, we have established a Safety and Health Committee headed by one of our executive directors. The committee carries out risk assessments, debates issues and countermeasures, sets out goals, and monitors the results of various initiatives. The committee reports to the Board of Directors.
In addition, the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct stipulates that, through the Safety and Health Committee, the Group will work to improve various issues pertaining to working time management in order to prevent health hazards to employees, and to improve equipment and work methods. Via the committee, we are engaged in accident prevention through a variety of means: these include initiatives to reduce preventable accidents through safety and health training that takes place when employees join the company and every six months thereafter, and change of uniform material and oil filters machine; at the same time, we make sure that oil filters and air conditioning machines are properly maintained.

List of initiatives implemented so far
  • Establishment of Safety and Health Policy
  • Creation of hazard maps
  • Revisions to Manual for Dangerous Appliances
  • Formulation of Guidelines to Prevent Dangerous Work
  • Continual implementation of safety and health training
  • Formulation and implementation of heat stroke prevention plans ”Provision of salt tablets, Improvement of air conditioner, etc.”
  • Introduction of safety shoes (shoes that cover the ankles)


Occupational Safety and Health Management System

The TORIDOLL Group introduced its occupational safety and health management system. In addition to the initiatives headed by the Safety and Health Committee, by implementing steady PDCA cycles, we succeeded in reducing the incident rate*1 per thousand employees from 3.3 to 2.8 to 2.7 between fiscal year 2017 and 2019; the frequency rate*2 per million hours worked similarly fell from 3.01 to 2.67 to 2.59.

  • *1 Incident rate: The number of fatalities and injuries per thousand workers per year
  • *2 Frequency rate: The number of occupational accident injuries and fatalities per million hours worked

Providing Comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health Training

At the TORIDOLL Group, we have created manuals related both to occupational safety and health and to safety considerations, and we disseminate them to all our employees.

More specifically, we have drawn up Customer Injuries Prevention Guidelines, which seek to prevent customer injuries and accidents; Guidelines to Prevent Dangerous Work, which seek to prevent employee work accidents; and Manual for Dangerous Appliances, which seeks to eliminate serious occupational accidents when using dangerous appliances.

In addition to the above, twice a year restaurant managers instruct all employees in correct work procedures, based on the Customer Injuries Prevention Guidelines and Manual for Dangerous Appliances. In order to confirm that all employees have undergone training, restaurant managers submit reports to headquarters that have been signed by employees who have received training.

Promoting Mental Healthcare

The TORIDOLL Code of Conduct not only stipulates that we adhere to occupational laws and regulations, but also prescribes initiatives aimed at maintaining and improving both the physical and mental health of our employees.
As part of our efforts to promote mental healthcare, working together with occupational health psychiatrists, we run in-house consultation desks, provide labor management, help prevent harassment, and coordinate with family doctors and family members.
We also operate external mentor systems in some regions in order to train our employees to be emotionally independent.

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
No. of people taking leave 16 14 10
  • * Number of employees using leave to treat non-occupational illnesses (mental illnesses); excludes paid leave, and excludes unpaid leave due to non-occupational illnesses