Human resources are the source of the TORIDOLL Group’s growth. The restaurant industry’s business models are easy to imitate; however, talented human resources cannot easily be replicated. For this reason, we believe the employment, development, and retention of outstanding human resources to be our number one management strategy priority.

It was for this reason that in 2019 we formulated TORIDOLL-er’s Value, which condenses the Group’s vision into five points and outlines what we expect of our human resources. Based on these values, we are establishing systems that systematize all our human resources initiatives, from employment to personnel assessments.

Toridoll-er’s Value (Human resources desired by the TORIDOLL Group)

Customer Oriented Thinking and acting from a customer-oriented perspective, and prioritizing quality at all times
Take Risk for Growth Continually taking risks and embarking on new challenges for growth
Take Ownership Taking ownership of one’s actions, and taking responsibility for one’s results
Diversity and Respect Respecting others and accepting differences
Flexibility for Success Acting with flexibility in all matters

Message from CHRO

As Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), I believe it is my mission to turn the TORIDOLL Group into a “human resources development group” whose growth is sustained by the people it employs.

By “human resources development group,” I mean a group with talented human resources, where individual employees are capable of generating new businesses.
In order to achieve this, in addition to skills and experience, it is vital we provide our employees with environments that enable continued growth.

What is important here is ensuring our employees are motivated in their work.
This may appear to be a simple matter, but I believe maintaining this excitement is the key to growth.
If we want to continually increase motivation, we must have a clear vision, and we must establish systems in which the results achieved in pursuit of this vision are appropriately assessed.

For this reason, in fiscal year 2019 we focused on drawing up TORIDOLL-er’s Value, a vision of the Group from the Group’s perspective, and on establishing consistent systems based on these values.

Creating a consistent vision and system from the Group’s perspective has enabled our employees to clarify the visions they have for their own careers. Our aim is to establish systems in which, rather than completing tasks that have been forced upon them, our employees can work on projects they want to work on, and be assessed accordingly.

We have finally started on the path to becoming a human resources development group; going forward, we will continue to establish environments that lead both to the self-realization of our employees and to the growth of the Group.

Executive Director, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Head of Corporate Strategy Division
Masaaki Tobimoto