At TORIDOLL Group, we embrace the diversity of each of our employees. By accepting the individuality of our employees, our goal is to maximize their capabilities, skills, experience, and strengths to create value, and in turn encourage the Group’s continued growth.
We will work on this full steam in FY2020, and are working on internal education and system building.

Fundamental Policy on Promoting Diversity

As a business that develops human resources, TORIDOLL Group actively promotes diversity and inclusion in accordance with the following three policies so that each employee can work autonomously. By doing so, we create additional corporate value and carry out our mission: Finding New Value. Simply For Your Pleasure.

  1. We respect the diversity of employee age, sex, race, nationality, disability, ethnicity, religion, social status, sexual orientation, sexual identity, values, culture, lifestyles, and so on and strive to create workplace environments where individuals can grow and excel through mutual understanding.

  2. We will create systems and initiatives that enable each employee to demonstrate their capabilities, knowledge, experience, and so on and devote themselves to their work and provide internal support so that each employee can exhibit their character and work styles to the greatest extent.

  3. Since its founding, the Group has been committed to always inspire customers, and accordingly, we will treat others with consideration at all times and value the feelings of everyone we meet.

Support for non-Japanese employees

The TORIDOLL Group employs non-Japanese employees from various countries, and the establishment of training environments in our restaurants in Japan is a matter of great importance.
For non-Japanese employees working at our restaurants, we have prepared basic work manuals that can be played on tablets. Offering easy-to-understand visual instructions and audio in four languages—English, Chinese, Nepali, and Vietnamese—the video facilitates our employee training.

As of March 31, 2021, approximately 5% of employees at the TORIDOLL Group are non-Japanese and hails from 24 different countries.
Going forward, we intend to establish training environments for all employees, and to employ talented human resources regardless of their nationality.

Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace Initiatives

Women account for 24% of employees in TORIDOLL Group (~ 60% when including temporary employees). In addition, women serve as restaurant managers at many of our restaurants as Partner Staff members, so we are promoting the establishment of a system that supports those staff members to balance childcare and work.
The reduced hours working system is intended to help people balance work and childcare. By law, the system must be applied to parents with children under three years old; at TORIDOLL Group, however, in FY2019 we expanded the system to apply to parents with children up to the age of 10, and this revised system went into effect on April 1, 2020. The number of male employees taking paternity leave has also risen, and we hope to further increase the percentage of paternity leave takers from FY 2021 onwards.
As of 2021, the TORIDOLL Group employs 17 women in managerial positions (section manager and above), which is approximately 10% of all management positions. We aim to double the number of women in managerial positions by the end of FY2025.
Catering to various work styles, we intend to implement measures to help our employees formulate career goals, and plan and execute ways to achieve them.

  as of the end of FY2018 as of the end of FY2019 as of the end of FY2020
No. of women in managerial positions* 5 9 17
Proportion (%) 5.0 6.9 9.8
  • * Section chief or higher

Support for Sexual and Gender Minorities

At TORIDOLL Group, we have launched Group-wide diversity projects aimed at providing support for sexual and gender minorities. In FY2020, we received a Bronze rating in the PRIDE Index and are currently working towards obtaining a Gold rating in FY2021. In addition, we started a LGBT consultation service for our employees in April 2021.
At present, we are implementing internal training to promote the understanding of sexual and gender minorities, revising our human resources systems to create environments in which sexual and gender minorities can work with peace of mind, and participate in LGBT events.

Promoting Employment of Senior Employees

The TORIDOLL Group’s mandatory retirement age is 65. As of March 31, 2021, we 2,351 of our employees are aged 60 or over.
Depending on their health condition and capabilities, we also reemploy those who have reached mandatory retirement age (and are under the age of 70) as contract employees, temporary employees, or Partner Staff members upon request.
As of the end of FY2020, we have rehired 476 senior staff members who are now working in our restaurants.


Establishment of TORIDOLL D&I

TTORIDOLL D&I is a special subsidiary company that we established to promote the employment of people with disabilities. To allow all of its staff members to fully demonstrate their capabilities, TORIDOLL D&I values the feeling of accepting each person, making efforts to learn about each person, thinking through methods, and ensuring they are valued.
The company employs more than 130 staff members, whose chief roles include cleaning TORIDOLL Group restaurants and providing administrative assistance.

In order to encourage staff retention, we operate an independent assessment system and management trainee wage increase system. As part of our efforts to internalize previously outsourced work and to increase TORIDOLL D&I’s contributions to the Group, the company has now been tasked with repairing and maintaining the wooden barrels used for udon at MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants, and with preparing udon classroom kits.
As of June 1, 2021, people with disabilities employed by the TORIDOLL Group and its affiliate companies in FY2020 stood at 2.3% of the group's workforce. Revised legal requirements on the proportion of employees with disabilities come into effect in FY2021 and, in its role as special subsidiary, TORIDOLL D&I is working hard to satisfy these requirements.

  • * “D&I” stands for “diversity and inclusion”
  • * Staff refers to partner staff who have obtained a disability certificate.