TORIDOLL Group has established Risk Management Provisions and created the Risk Management Committee chaired by the President cum CEO to comprehensively identify and evaluate risks relating to business activities and respond appropriately.
The chair of the Risk Management Committee convenes the committee when risks associated with financial loss due to changes in the internal or external management environment, violations of laws, provisions, and the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, or other reasons are detected to ascertain the facts and issue instructions on the countermeasures to be taken.
The relevant divisions report directly on the details of the identified risks, the extent of the losses that might occur, and other such matters.

Risk Management Provisions (excerpt from the Risk Management Provisions)

Risk Management Provisions (excerpt from the Risk Management Provisions)

Basic Policy
  1. TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation (hereinafter “HD”), MARUGAME SEIMEN Inc. (hereinafter “MARUGAME”), Niku no Yamaki Shoten Inc. (hereinafter “ Yamaki”), TORIDOLL Japan Corporation (hereinafter “TDJ”), TORIDOLL Business Solutions Inc.(hereinafter “TBS”), and TORIDOLL D&I (hereinafter “D&I”) will, through the practice of risk management, seek to safeguard the stable and continuous growth of their businesses.
  2. They will prioritize the quality and safety of their products and services; at the same time, however, they will also endeavor to eliminate or mitigate any obstacles to the profits of both their stakeholders—including their customers, business partners, shareholders, investors, local communities, and the global environment—and their officers and employees.
  3. All Group officers and employees will, in the spirit of compliance, abide by all applicable laws and regulations; all officers and employees will also consider for themselves what courses of action are ethically correct, and act accordingly.

Risk Management Committee

TORIDOLL Group established the Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by the President cum CEO and comprise of directors (including external directors) as well as the heads of each division. The committee meets every quarter.
And analyzes multi-faceted risk assessments including food safety and sanitation and forms task teams to conduct detailed investigations of matters identified as high risk. The full committee then deliberates the risk avoidance and mitigation measures proposed by the individual task teams.
Measures approved by the committee are implemented by each division, then reported and evaluated by the committee, thereby implementing a PDCA cycle.
In addition, the Internal Audit Office performs periodic audits of all headquarter divisions and stores to identify risks at an early stage and reports to the management including the President cum CEO.

Risk Identification and Response

If an emergency situation that poses significant risk to the Group management arises, TORIDOLL Group establishes a Crisis Management Division chaired by the President CEO to minimize losses, recover from damage, and prevent reoccurrence in accordance to the Crisis Management Provisions and Restaurant Crisis Management Manual. We also establish a group-wide crisis management structure in which external experts also participate in responses.

Crisis Management Provisions (excerpt from the Crisis Management Provisions)

Basic Policy
In light of their social significance, TORIDOLL Holdings and TORIDOLL Japan shall place the highest priority on ensuring the safety of human health and life, and all officers and employees shall work as one to deal with and resolve crises, minimize losses, recover from damage, and prevent reoccurrence. Furthermore, all officers and employees shall be aware that crises are not something that can never be allowed to occur but may occur and shall constantly be prepared for the occurrence of crises.

Rating under the DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program

On May 31, 2021, TORIDOLL Holdings received a "Superior Efforts in Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity" rating from the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) under the DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program.
The DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program is the world's first loan program that introduces the specialized method of "BCM Rating," which uses a proprietary evaluation system developed by DBJ to evaluate and select companies with outstanding efforts in disaster preparedness and business continuity, and sets loan conditions according to the evaluation.
TORIDOLL Holdings is promoting disaster preparedness and business continuity initiatives in order to minimize potential damage, ensure the safety of employees and customers, enhance business continuity, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society in the midst of diversifying risks in the corporate environment, including natural disasters.

TORIDOLL Holdings receives a DBJ BCM Rated Loan Program rating from the Development Bank of Japan

Formulation of Business Continuity Plan

TORIDOLL Group formulated a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) with support from external experts to prepare for the occurrence of natural disasters, such as major earthquakes, storms or flood. The plan specifies the chain of command, allocation of tasks for the continuation of operations, and so on in the event of an emergency situation and outlines the framework to minimize the damage from a disaster.

Operation of a safety confirmation system

(What is a safety confirmation system?)
A safety confirmation system helps confirm the safety of employees in the event of a large-scale disaster as part of a company's crisis management.
In the event of a disaster, we will place the highest priority on confirming the safety of employees and their families, as well as assessing the extent of damage in each region and promptly collecting information to provide the necessary support and achieve a quick recovery of business operations.

Pandemic Response

Formulation of a prevention plan for COVID-19

As a countermeasure against COVID-19, TORIDOLL Group formulated a prevention plan in April 2021 under the supervision of an external expert. The plan covers measures to prevent the risk of infection from employees, prevention of droplet and contact infections in restaurants, procedures for dealing with those who are sick, and requests for cooperation from customers in preventing infection. We will implement these measures according to the plan.

Response to COVID-19

TORIDOLL Group implemented the following countermeasures to address the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that broke out in 2020.

Measures to prevent the spread of infections in stores
  • Provision of hand sanitizer for customers
  • Installation of tape on floors indicating spacing when customers line up and maintaining social distancing in passageways and customer seating
  • Limitations on the number of customer seats to maintain social distancing
  • Regular replacement of tongs used by customers
  • Provision of chopsticks for sharing display products
  • Regular disinfection of areas frequently touched by customers
  • Suspension of use of air hand dryers in stores
Measures for store employees
  • Handwashing a minimum of once per hour
  • Provision of face masks from the headquarters and use of face mask by all store employees
  • Use of health check sheets specifically for COVID-19 that include temperature checks before reporting to work and other measures
  • Regular disinfection of contact spots (refrigerator handles, etc.)
  • Creation of an employee information center dedicated to COVID-19 at the headquarters
  • Installation of plastic sheets as sneeze guards at registers and other areas
  • Use of multiple coin trays at registers to prevent contact with customers
Measures for headquarters employees
  • Creation of COVID-19 consultation desk
  • Comprehensive health management including temperature checks
  • Encouragement of telecommuting
  • Encouragement of staggered commuting times
  • Provision of sanitizer
  • Disinfection of worksites
  • Continued provision of meals by the employee canteen (to reduce the risk of infection from going outside the office)
  • Letters from the President cum CEO mailed to the families of all store employees expressing gratitude for their efforts
  • Creation of COVID-19 Countermeasures Division (information gathering and responses)
  • Suspension of operations and shortened hours in response to request from the national and local governments

* Measures are not implemented in some regions and for some business formats

As of August 4, 2020

Providing udon and tempura to healthcare workers

A food truck visits hospitals and provides udon and tempura to support healthcare workers. We will continue doing what we can to bring some brightness to healthcare sites by providing meals for healthcare workers.