TORIDOLL Group’s fundamental policies on compliance are the Corporation Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct. Compliance is a major premise of business activities, and we conduct ongoing education and training of officers and employees and have established structures to ensure compliance not just with laws and provisions, but also higher ethical standards.

Structures for Comprehensive Compliance

TORIDOLL Holdings established a Legal Affairs Department with a full-time in-house attorney to strengthen compliance with laws and regulations. The attorney’s legal expertise and unique capability of identifying and solving problems help us prevent incidents, resolve accidents promptly, and improve the legal ethics of employees.

Informing Personnel About Compliance

TORIDOLL Group prepared a Code of Conduct Guide for employees to ensure compliance with the Corporation Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct necessary for the execution of business. Thig guide has been distributed to employees engaged in sales, and they have been made thoroughly aware of its content.
In addition, the Group has employees in various countries, and we plan to prepare the Code of Conduct Guide in various languages Japanese for distribution to all our employees globally.

Internal Whistleblowing System

TORIDOLL Group established am Internal Whistleblowing Provisions in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. We also created an internal whistleblower hotline in the Internal Audit Office and established systems for detecting, investigating, and correcting improper conduct.
The Internal Whistleblowing Provisions contain provisions guaranteeing the confidentiality of reports, prohibiting disadvantageous treatment of whistleblowers, and maintaining the confidentiality of information identifying specific individuals.
Whistleblower reports are received via telephone, e-mail, written documents, visits, and web forms (external hotline). Depending on the situation, a survey team is formed for an appropriate response. Reports can also be made directly to the Group’s Audit and Supervisory Committee from an external hotline.
Furthermore, the following resources have been set up to provide support to employees and prospective whistleblowers:
(i) Mind and Body Consultation Desk by the Human Resources Planning Section of the Organization Development Divsion;
(ii) consultation desk for labor issues by the Labour Union; and
(iii) human rights consultation desk.

  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of whistleblowing reports made 46 56 33

Policy on Political Participation

In cases where TORIDOLL Group supports the activities of political organizations or makes political contributions, we comply with the laws and regulations of each country, make reference to the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct, and take into consideration our position in society. We do not engage in lobbying or other such activities.

Policy on Corruption and Bribery

TORIDOLL Group established Provisions on the Prohibition of Bribery of Public Officials and expressly prohibits officers and employees from engaging in bribery or corrupt practices.
Also, in Hong Kong, where the scale of our business is large, we have assigned personnel to local subsidiaries to perform specialized legal work, and we comply with and encourage fair business dealings.
Pre-transfer training for employees assigned to overseas posts includes training on prevention of bribery to ensure they are fully aware of this information.
The Group was not subjected to any legal measures with respect to bribery, violations of the Antimonopoly Act, anti-competitive conduct, or the like in FY2020.

Human Rights Measures

As a commitment among employees, the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct contains provision on “respect for basic human rights”. All employees who work for TORIDOLL Group are informed to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
To deepen understanding of respect for human rights, we conduct education on human rights and harassment during rank-based trainings and other programs.

Respect for basic human rights (excerpt from the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct)

We respect the basic human rights of our staff in terms of employment and treatment and will not discriminate any staff members, regardless of gender, age, nationality, social standing, religion, belief, or disabilities.

Abiding by law and regulations related to labor (excerpt from the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct)

Prohibition of sexual harassment
We do not condone any verbal or physical advancement among our staff, such as forcing a sexual relationship by abusing one’s status or position, unrequired physical contact, repeating of unpleasant jokes, and so forth. Staff members will also not be discriminated due to their gender; we ask all members to abide by this to ensure everyone can work together as equal partners at the workplace.
Prohibition of power harassment
We do not condone any actions that can lead to the deterioration of the working environment and employment anxieties, such as through using one’s position and influence at work, or undermining the personality and dignity of others either through actions or words.
Prohibition of maternity harassment
We do not condone any form of emotional or physical harassment by supervisors or colleagues on the grounds of pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and so on by working women or unfair treatment including termination of employment or forced resignation on the grounds of pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, and so on. Employees shall understand diverse working styles and endeavor to cooperate with one another to protect environments that facilitate work.

Human rights and harassment training results FY2020

Rank-based training Participants Topics No. of participants
Training for new graduate employees New graduate employees
  • Prevention of harassment
  • Respect for human rights
Training for mid-career employees Mid-career employees
  • Prevention of harassment
  • Respect for human rights