At the TORIDOLL Group, we use large amounts of water, particularly in our cooking processes. In light of the impact our business activities have on local water resources, we intend to promote the reuse of water and reductions in water consumption volumes through the development of cooking equipment and through employee training, and so reduce our environmental footprint.

Reducing Water Consumption via Restaurant Equipment

At MARUGAME SEIMEN, we use a large amount of water to cool down boiled udon. This cooling water is prepped by a piece of equipment called a “chiller.” We use water-cooled chillers in shopping centers and other facilities where we cannot install outdoor units.
Previously, we simply disposed of refrigerant water from these water-cooled chillers, but we are now using it to pre-wash dishes, thereby reducing water consumption.

Reducing Water Consumption through Employee Training

The TORIDOLL Group promotes the development and renewal of water-saving equipment; however, we also believe that training employees to use this equipment is vital.
Through the use of work manuals, in-restaurant employee training, and the creation of checklists of essential items, we intend to raise the awareness of our employees with regard to water conservation and the environment in general; at the same time, we also plan to check water consumption volumes at each of our restaurants, and provide guidance to establishments where consumption volumes are high.