At TORIDOLL Group, we use large amounts of water in our daily operations, particularly in our cooking processes. Given the impact of our business activities on local water resources, we intend to promote water recycling and reductions in water consumption volume through the development of cooking equipment and employee training, and thus reduce our environmental footprint.

Reducing Water Consumption via Restaurant Equipment

●Adoption of water-cooled chillers
At MARUGAME SEIMEN, we use a large amount of water to cool down boiled udon. We use water-cooled chillers in shopping centers and other facilities where we cannot install outdoor units.
Previously, we simply disposed the refrigerant water from these water-cooled chillers, but now we are using it to pre-wash dishes, thereby reducing water consumption.
●Installation of water-saving fixtures
We are promoting the reduction of water consumption by installing water-saving devices such as auto-stop faucets, Bubble90 and flow regulating valves at each faucet in kitchens to match the purpose of use, along with facility and operational improvements. As of May 2021, we have achieved an 18.4% reduction in water charges compared to the same period in 2019.

Reducing Water Consumption through Employee Training

TORIDOLL Group actively promotes the development and renewal of water-saving equipment; however, we also believe that training employees to use this equipment is vital.
Through the use of work manuals, in-restaurant employee training, and the creation of checklists of essential items, we intend to raise the awareness of our employees with regard to water conservation and the environment in general. We also plan to check water consumption volume at all of our restaurants of our restaurants, and provide guidance to establishments where consumption volume is high.