The TORIDOLL Group has formulated an environmental management policy and established a system that enables us to actively promote and engage in global environmental issues through our business activities. In addition, the TORIDOLL Code of Conduct lays out our goals of not only providing satisfaction and excitement to our customers, but also of fulfilling our responsibilities toward people, the society, and the environment.

Environmental Management Policy

At the TORIDOLL Group we deal in food, which is a blessing of nature; for this reason, we have a responsibility to actively engage in the resolution of environmental problems, and to contribute to the sustainable growth of society. We seek to fulfill these responsibilities based on the four codes of conduct outlined below.

  1. Toward a sustainable society

    We fully understand the impact our business activities have on the environment. As we seek to realize sustainable growth for society, we intend both to limit our missions of greenhouse gases and to engage in the effective use of resources.

  2. Compliance with laws and provisions

    We comply with all relevant environmental laws and provisions; we also voluntarily set and promote our own goals when it comes to societal requirements.

  3. Environmentally friendly product development and human resource straining

    We aim to develop environmentally friendly restaurants, products, and services, and to train our human resources to possess high levels of environmental awareness.

  4. Environment management

    We aim to establish environmental goals, draw up action plans to achieve them, and continually reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmental Management System

At TORIDOLL Holdings, we have established an Environmental Committee within the Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by President and CEO Awata. The Environmental Committee meets at least four times per year, and discusses various topics such as our efforts to reduce the environmental footprints of our restaurants. Measures that are approved by the committee are subsequently debated by the Risk Management Committee, before being executed by the relevant departments.
The secretariat of the Environmental Committee is chaired by the head of CSR Office; the secretariat falls under the responsibility of the CSR Office’s Environment Team, and promotes group-wide environmental management.

Acquiring EcoAction 21 Certification

Based on guidelines published by the Ministry of the Environment in March 2020, TORIDOLL Holdings has acquired EcoAction 21 Certification for a number of our MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants. Going forward, we will make efforts to increase the number of certified restaurants. With regard to acquiring certification and registration, we have formulated goals to halve our food waste and emissions volumes by fiscal year 2025, and to improve our food recycling rate; we report on these initiatives every year in the Environmental Management Report.
As far as concrete measures at our restaurants are concerned, we carry out daily checks and train both managers and employees in order to ensure the Food Management and Utilities Management guidelines described in the restaurant manager handbooks are being followed.

Environmental Management Goals

As a member of the food industry, the TORIDOLL Group views food waste as a priority issue. To this end, we are engaged in efforts to reduce waste volumes and improve our food recycling rate. In addition, we are also working to reduce CO2 emissions and use water resources more effectively with the aim of reducing the impact our business activities have on the environment.

Environmental Management Goals

Item Key initiatives and issues Units FY2018
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 FY2024 FY2025
Reducing food waste
  • Efforts to reduce noodle waste
  • Introduction of Oil Flake Squeezer
  • Initiatives at restaurants other than MARUGAME SEIMEN
Waste volumes per unit (kg per million yen) 271 260 240 210 170 150 140 130
Improving food recycling rates
  • Introducing raw foodwaste disposers
  • Built a “Food Recycling Loop
  • Promotion of feed, fertilizer and fuel
Percentage of food recycled (%) 13 15 20 25 30 40 50 55
Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Introduction of energy-conserving noodle boilers
  • Use of LED restaurant lighting
  • Use of renewable energies
Total emissions volumes (kt-CO2) 135 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
Emissions volumes per unit (t-CO2 per million yen) 1.29 1.27 1.11 0.97 0.86 0.77 0.68 0.60
Using water resources more effectively
  • Introduction of water volume adjustment valves
  • Initiatives to reduce water consumption
Water consumption volumes per unit (cubic meters per million yen) 53.6 53.0 52.5 52.0 51.4 50.9 50.4 49.9
Implementing environmental management systems
  • Implementation of EcoAction 21
No. of restaurants - 10 MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants 40 MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants 200 MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants All MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants All Toridoll Japan restaurants

* Values for fiscal year 2019 and after are targets

Reduct ions in food was te
Target of or FY2020 : 240 kg /per million yen
Improvements in food recycling rates
Target for FY2020 : 20%
Reduct ions in CO2emissions
Target for FY2020 : 1.11t-CO2 /per million yen
Implementation of EcoAction 21 environmental management system