At the TORIDOLL Group, we believe that the thoughts and skills of those who engage with our restaurants provide significant impetus for reducing our environmental footprint.
We are also continuing our initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint through the use of energy-saving equipment and ICT. In this way, we are working hard to achieve lofty goals.

Medium-term Plan for Reducing Energy Consumption Volumes

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry assesses the energy efficiency of businesses, dividing them into one of four ranks: S, A, B, or C. In fiscal year 2017 and 2018, the TORIDOLL Group received the highest S-rank for two years in a row. This was a result of achieving the goal outlined in the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, urging reductions of 1% or more in per unit energy consumption over the past five years.
Our peak energy consumption during the last 10 years was in fiscal year 2013; compared to this peak, we succeeded in reducing our energy consumption for fiscal year 2018 by approximately 29.1%. Going forward, we will continue taking steps to steadily achieving our goals.

Reducing Energy Consumption Volumes

Saving energy through the use of automat ically control led noodle boilers Receiving the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize at the Energy Conservat ion Grand Prize awards

In order to reduce energy consumption when boiling noodles, MARUGAME SEIMEN jointly developed an energy-conserving noodle boiler with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. and Nichiwa Electric Corporation.
The noodle boilers make automatic adjustments to boiling and salt concentrations, based on data collected on changes made manually by employees; this allows udon noodles to be deliciously boiled, while optimizing heater output and the amount of water flowing into the boiler.
The introduction of the energy-conserving noodle boiler has led to reductions in boiler electricity consumption of 31.3%, and reductions in water consumption of 47.6%.

Electricity consumption
Water consumption

As a result of these activities, MARUGAME SEIMEN was awarded the top Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize in the Department of Energy Conservation Case Studies category of the FY2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize awards announced in December 2019. This is the first time a business in the restaurant industry has received the Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry.
Going forward, MARUGAME SEIMEN intends to install more energy-saving noodle boilers at its restaurants; at the same time, it will review whether similar measures can be applied to its other equipment, and promote the implementation of further energy-saving measures.


Using LED lights at MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants

At the TORIDOLL Group, we are gradually shifting to the use of LED lights at our MARUGAME SEIMEN restaurants; the lights feature long life spans, mercury-free construction, and help reduce CO2 emissions. This switch enables us both to reduce our environmental footprint, and to increase the brightness of our restaurants, resulting in greater comfort for our customers.

Reducing Energy Consumption Volumes: Results

At the TORIDOLL Group, we have achieved outstanding success in reducing energy consumption volumes since fiscal year 2013.
Compared to fiscal year 2013, in fiscal year 2018 we managed to reduce our per unit energy consumption by more than 29%.

Transition in Energy Consumption for the Major Brands of the TORIDOLL Group

(base year)
FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Revenues (million yen) 71,513 89,315 93,881 101,409 104,815
Energy consumption volumes (crude oil equivalent in kL) 71,125 65,759 65,049 65,774 68,909
Energy consumption volumes per unit revenues(kiloliter per million yen) 0.9276 0.7363 0.6929 0.6486 0.6574
Electricity (Thousand kWh) 230,078 214,056 210,257 213,604 219,059
LPG (t) 4,630 3,489 3,402 3,322 4,630
City gas (Thousand m3) 5,122 5,270 5,591 5,565 5,664

* Total value of MARUGAME SEIMEN, YAMAKI and TORIDOLL Japan.