Code of Conduct

Ⅰ. The basic ideology of Toridoll's code of conduct

Our mission is to provide satisfaction and excitement to our customers through the enjoyment of food, which is also our greatest joy, and we aim to grow and develop in cooperation with those who understand our mission. In addition, we also aim to fulfill our responsibilities toward people, the society and the environment always from a fair stance to ensure we continue to prosper as a company, while creating dining spaces where as many customers as possible can enjoy the ambience and realizing mutual happiness.

Ⅱ. Our promise to customers

Our foods

(1) Safety and reassurance of food

We place ultimate priority on our customer's enjoyment of food and strive to provide food that is safe and reassuring to satisfy our customers. We show how the dishes are made at our restaurants right in front of our customers’ eyes—we constantly stand from our customers’ viewpoint to provide reassuring meals.

(2) Health-conscious menu development

We take care of our customers' health and use carefully selected raw ingredients. We do our best to avoid using processed ingredients to provide freshly made foods with commitment to cooking handmade food right there at the restaurant.

(3) Enhancement of quality control

We discover problems in quality control through our shop Innovation Project to improve our business and services. By shortening the period of food items kept at each shop, we provide our customers with constantly fresh foods.

Our services

(1) Sincere response

We welcome all customers who visit our restaurants whole-heartedly. Using what we call ‘Oshikari hagaki (complaint card)’ and customer information, we listen to the opinions of as many customers as possible with earnestness to sincerely and quickly respond to requests.

(2) Providing comfortable dining spaces with live cooking performances

We pay attention to the movements of our staff, shop shop layout, lighting, and so forth to provide all customers visiting our restaurants with comfortable dining spaces that come with live cooking performances, where customers can encounter a great dining experience that is exciting.

Hygiene management

(1) Health risk prevention

To ensure we can prevent unforeseen health issues, we constantly face risks for hygiene control, regularly conduct hygiene checks at our restaurants, discover problems, and educate people about ways to improve and thoroughly carry them out. Furthermore, our restaurant staff are required to diligently conduct health/hygiene management, such as doing health check and gargling when starting their job, washing their hands every hour during their job, and have a stool examination done every month.

(2) Response to food problems

A Risk Management Committee is established under our company rules and regulation to speedily and adequately respond to any problem with foods. We also fulfill our responsibility to explain the situation to our customers and the society.

Confidentiality of customer informatio

We keep a record of customer information and utilize it by strictly follow laws and company rules. In addition, we also have a perfect system for information management, through which we plan and implement staff education, as well as reinforcing our information system to prevent any leak of customer information.

Ⅲ. Pledge to our staff

Respect for basic human rights

We respect the basic human rights of our staff in terms of employment and treatment and will not discriminate any staff members, regardless of gender, age, nationality, social standing, religion, belief, or disabilities.

Abiding by law and regulations related to labor

(1) Management of working hours

By following the regulations stipulated by the Labor Standards Act, we strive to prevent any impairment to our staff by improving various issues concerning the management of working hours through our Safety and Hygiene Committee.

(2) Enhancement of safety and hygiene

We abide by the Labor Safety and Health Law and other labor-related laws and regulations to protect the safety and health of our staff. Under the Safety and Hygiene Committee, efforts are given to improve our facilities, equipment, work methods, and other aspects, while dangerous and hazardous factors are eliminated from the workplace. We are also receiving advice from industrial physicians and sanitary supervisors to improve the physical and mental health of our staff, as well as creating a stress-free working environment.

(3) Prohibition of sexual harassment

We do not condone any verbal or physical advancement among our staff, such as forcing a sexual relationship by abusing one’s status or position, unrequired physical contact, repeating of unpleasant jokes, and so forth. Staff members will also not be discriminated due to their gender; we ask all members to abide by this to ensure everyone can work together as equal partners at the workplace.

(4) Prohibition of power harassment

We do not condone any actions that can lead to the deterioration of the working environment and employment anxieties, such as through using one’s position and influence at work, or undermining the personality and dignity of others either through actions or words.

Education and training system

In order for our staff members to improve their job performance and to inherit the important skills, we provide systematic education and training through events such as orientation upon employment, training for new employees, follow-up training, and seminars by job position.

Ⅳ. Pledge to related parties

For shareholders and investors

(1) Improvement of corporate and social values

By effectively utilizing our management resources, we strive to improve our corporate values through creating as many added values as possible.

(2) Disclosure and transmission of our company information

We abide by laws and regulations, rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and our own company rules to timely and continuously provide shareholders and investors with vital management information related to details of our business and investment decisions.

(3) Ensuring the reliability of financial reports

We have established an internal administration system to ensure the reliability of our financial reports, while conducting systematic and organizational verifications through our internal audit office.

For business partners

(1) Fair selection of business partners

We comprehensively judge the performance, reliability, quality and service of our prospective business partners for the selection.

(2) Fair and transparent business dealings

We conduct ongoing checks on our business partners’ general operations and our dealings with them to ensure that everything is implemented according to the laws and regulations, so as to conduct fair and transparent dealings.

(3) Prohibition of excessive gifting or corporate entertainment by business partners

In order to always maintain a fair and sound relationship with our suppliers and contract companies, we decline any gifting or corporate entertainment by our business partners, regardless of whether it has direct influence.

(4) Duty for safekeeping of confidential information of business partners

We keep information and confidential matters from our business partners safe and do not disclose any part of such information outside of our company without permission from the provider of the information. Furthermore, the scope of information sharing is also limited within our company by our own company regulations.

For the society

(1) Observation of laws and regulations

We understand and observe all laws and regulations regarding to corporate activities and daily life.

(2) Observation of regulation for insider trading

We understand the purpose of the regulation for insider trading and pay meticulous care to the handling of important information relating to corporate activities. Furthermore, we will not engage in any activities that may be considered by a third party as insider trading.

(3) Local community friendship

We listen to the opinions of the local community and related parties and reflect that in the improvement of our business activities.

(4) Response to anti-social powers

We are determined to face anti-social powers and never give in to unjust requests. Through cooperation with the police, we will firmly refuse such requests.

For the public administration

(1) Sound relationship with public administration

We understand the mission and responsibilities of public administration (which is to serve for public interest) and maintain a sound relationship that is both fair and transparent.

(2) Cooperation with related governmental offices and organization in reports and surveys

We follow laws and regulations to conduct various document submissions, reporting of financial data, tax payments, and other matters with honesty. In addition, upon accidents or violations we will fully cooperate by reporting immediately to related governmental office(s) to facilitate investigation to determine the cause.

For the environment

(1) Conservation of local community environment

We conduct or business activities by paying great attention to the health and safety of people living in the vicinity of our restaurants, as well as the conservation of local community environments and improving the standard of environmental conservation. We also contribute to local community through various environmental conservation activities.

(2) Observation of the recycling law and other regulations

We observe various laws and regulations related to environmental conservation—such as the Act on Promotion of Recycling and Related Activities for Treatment of Cyclical Food Resources , the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, and the Construction Material Recycling Act—to contribute to the reducing of burdens on the environment and the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

(3) Development of facilities with considerations given to the environment

We aim to create restaurants that are nature and environmental friendly, through developing facilities and equipment by giving considerations to the environment.

Ⅴ. Risk management and compliance

Risk Management Committee

Measures are taken to prevent, avoid, reduce, and shift various unforeseen risks that can greatly affect the smooth management of our business through the evaluation of the frequency and effect of risks by our Risk Management Committee.

Compliance Promotion Committee

We strive to strengthen our observation of laws and regulations through the Compliance Promotion Committee, a subordinate organization of the Risk Management Committee.

Safety and Hygiene Committee

We protect the safety and health of our staff by creating an accident and disaster-free, safe work environment through our Safety and Hygiene Committee.

Thorough internal reporting system

Through our internal reporting system we aim to discover any actions and behaviors that violate or may be in violation of laws, regulations, and company articles and rules at an early stage, as well as taking adequate measures to enhance our compliance system.

Importance of internal audit

We cooperate with the financial audit and business audit conducted as scheduled, organizational or any time to strengthen our compliance and improve the quality of our business operation.

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