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"Deliciousness" without border

Toridoll was established based on a passion for food. An aroma that whets your appetite, the handcrafted work of a master chef, and the heat of the open kitchen as food is prepared in front of your eyes—this shows that delicious taste is experienced not only from the tongue but also by each of the five senses. We want to bring this passion for food to as many customers as possible. This has formed our commitment and approach to every new restaurant opening, with our mission being to spread this passion to every corner of the globe.

With every bite, we want to make our customers smile and think, “This is delicious!” Even if we do not speak the same language, our passion is conveyed in the form of customer smiles. We want to be a company that takes pride continually in this set of values. As we expand internationally, we will deliver hospitality that is second to none and respect the culture and regional differences of each country. Our goal is to become a leading food-service company that originated in Japan. Countless international markets and the future await us.

Takaya Awata President
TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation

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