Growth Trajectory

The Company takes pride in serving delicious meals that are handmade and freshly prepared and also in delivering a dining experience and hospitality that will make customers want to come back again and again. In the three decades since our founding, we have grown into a group of companies that operates some 1,000 restaurants in 27 countries and regions around the world.


A One-of-a-Kind Restaurant Chain Where the Food is Handmade and Served Fresh

We emphasize delicious handmade and freshly prepared meals. Today, the food industry is constantly trying to make itself more efficient, but we pride ourselves in preparing food in front of our customers, even if it may seem inefficient, and in preserving a setting where food is always made fresh. This makes our customers want to keep coming back.


Food Entertainment without the Central Kitchen Concept

We use an open kitchen concept at our restaurants to deliver delicious handmade and freshly prepared meals, and to share the excitement of food preparation with our customers. The realistic setting of food prepared in front of your eyes connects our kitchen staff with customers, and serves as a form of entertainment similar to theater.


Sharing Our Passion for Food with the World

We provide world-class Japanese hospitality and pride ourselves on handmade and freshly prepared food. This is why we follow a business format that takes into consideration the local culture, as well as regional uniqueness in the countries and regions where we operate.Our goal is to be a leading food-service company recognized around the world, by creating restaurants that are continually loved by the local community.

More Than 1,000 Restaurants In 30 Countries And Regions Around The World

Nov. 21, 2000MARUGAME SEIMEN:Opened its first restaurant(Kakogawa)
Sep. 2003Opened its first restaurant in a shopping center (Promena)
Sep. 2004NAGATAHONJYOKEN:Opened its first restaurant
Feb. 2005MARUSHOYA: Opened its first restaurant
Feb. 2006Listed shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers Index
Dec. 2008Changed listing to the First Section of the TSE
Apr. 2011Opened its first restaurant outside of Japan, in Hawaii
2011Opened its first restaurants in Thailand, China and South Korea
2013Opened its first restaurants in Hong Kong, Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Australia
Jan. 2014Opened its first restaurants in Vietnam
2015Opened its first restaurant in Kenya and Malaysia
Jun.2015Achieved 1,000 restaurants in 27 countries/regions around the world on the Company's 30th anniversary

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