Our Goal

6,000 shops Worldwide

To Become One of World's Top Ten Restaurant Brands with 500-Billion-Yen Sales and 6,000 Premises in 2025

Our market is the whole world. Committed to dishes freshly hand-cooked in the kitchen openly visible to customers and with a strategy to maintain a portfolio of multiple types of restaurants in terms of food served to meet the many different food cultures and preferences of the world, we share our passion for new foods in all parts of the world as a global company that has "multiple growth axes."We continue to grow to attain our new goal of ranking one of the world's top ten restaurant brands in ten years with the group sales of 500 billion yen and 6,000 premises.Note: As of September 2015

Toridoll's multi-portfolio strategy

Develop new markets in regions around the world
Accommodate the food culture and tastes of consumers in each country/region
Localize business models in each area and appeal to the masses
Do not rely on one business model; instead, use a range of business models tailored to local needs

Aim to reach 6,000 restaurants world wide by 2025

JAPAN 2,000 stores NORTH AMERICA 1,500 stores EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST 500 stores
ASIA 1,000 stores SOUTH AMERICA 500 stores AFRICA 500 stores

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